Conflict management for companies and organizations

Mediation for companies

A Mediator is an independent, impartial third party who supports clients to settle disputes by reaching a mutual agreement. Mediation follows a clearly structured procedure, beginning with the first meeting of founding the basis for the process and ending with a (written or oral) settlement for the future.

Facilitation/Team Supervision/Trainings for companies

A facilitator, team supervisor or trainer supports organizations and teams to find and understand their common objectives, to reflect and discuss their past performance and to improve future collaboration and communication. Supervision or trainings enable teams to improve their procedures and to find the best suitable ways to handle work, customer relations, conflicts, and challenges. The goal of this process is to mutually build a strong basis for future work performance and collaboration.

The five Steps of Mediation


Introduction of mediation by making a contact, working out the basic rules and the framework of the mediation

Topics collection

Agreement on the topics and questions that should be addressed in mediation

Conflict elucidation

Dealing with conflicts by shedding light on background and feelings, formulating needs, negotiating along the parties’ interests


Development of possible solutions, negotiation and agreement over criteria for decisions


Conclusion of the mediation with a (binding) contract and a self-reflective review

About Me

Andrea von Graszouw

Your personal Conflict Manager.

Andrea von Graszouw is a Certified Executive Conflict Manager, Mediator and Business Coach. She specializes in supporting employers and employees in difficult conflict and crisis situations. She ensures that conflicts within the company are solved sustainably, so that all involved parties gain new strength, develop fresh new ideas and work successfully with renewed joy and energy.


Use the power of effective Conflict Management strategies.

Breathing, relief, space for reorientation.

This is what you get when a conflict is solved. Whether in professional or private contexts, I support people who want to resolve conflicts with effective strategies, modern and people-oriented communication.

Away from or towards.

The way in which language is used determines whether we move toward or away from each other. I offer my clients a clear structure, needs-oriented language and targeted methods. Openness and the proximity to reality change the way of seeing and thus create important opportunities for action in conflict situations. Be part of a collaboration that is shaped by orientation towards solutions, alternatives and a real human connection.

The cornerstone of our collaboration is openness and trust.

Once your requirements and the appropriate procedure have been clarified and the terms agreed on, our work can begin.

Successful Stories

Frau von Graszouw erlebte ich in unseren gemeinsamen Coachingterminen als eine Kollegin auf Augenhöhe, die insbesondere durch ihre mediative Grundhaltung überzeugte und damit den Raum und das Vertrauen für eine Supervision öffnete. Mit ihr zu arbeiten, ermöglichte mir eigene Motive und Glaubenssätze zu erkennen und somit Handlungsspielräume zu erweitern, um mit meinem Leben ein Stück bewusster umzugehen. (Dr. Markus Dobler – Führung, Profiling, Coaching)

Dr. Markus Dobler

Andrea is a warm hearted person and from the beginning she has inspired me with her positive energy. Her professional approach and her determination have impressed me very much. She is a good listener and motivator and she always finds the right words. (Jessica Berg – Marketing Expert)

Jessica Berg

Andrea unterstützt mich, in für mich schwer lösbar scheinenden Situationen in meiner Praxis oder auch privat, mit ihrer wundervollen Art Dinge zu erkennen und anzupacken.
Ihre Energie Menschen in ihren jeweiligen Lebenslagen strategisch und mit viel Herzgefühl zu begleiten, scheint keine Grenzen zu kennen! Von Herzen sehr empfehlenswert! (Julia Nel, Healing Practicer for animals)

Julia Nel

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Let’s meet and discuss your possible solutions.

I am based in Hamburg. However, I am very happy to travel to where entrepreneurs are open and interested in resolving conflicts sustainably, and facing people. If this is you, and you need support, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you.