Hi, I am Andrea von Graszouw.
Your Personal Conflict Manager.

Solve and grow

Discover the secret and the power of understanding. Use recognition and appreciation to lead your company.

Breathing, relief, space for reorientation.

This is what you get when conflict is solved. Whether in professional or private contexts, I support people who want to resolve conflicts with effective strategies, modern and people-oriented communication.

Away from or towards.

The way in which language is used determines whether we move toward or away from each other. I offer my clients a clear structure, needs-oriented language and targeted methods. Openness and the proximity to reality change the way of seeing and thus create important opportunities for action in conflict situations.

Be part of a collaboration that is shaped by orientation towards solutions, alternatives and a real human connection.

The cornerstone of our collaboration is openness and trust.

Once your requirements and the appropriate procedure have been clarified and the terms agreed on, our work can begin.

Solve and grow! Let us work together for your success.


More about me.

Sincerity, respect, impulses.

What personally drives me is a sincere interest in people, companies and the personal and entrepreneurial developments that are linked to them. For me, recognition, appreciation and mutual respect are the source of all success. It gives me pleasure and enriches to give new impulses to companies and to introduce new impetus so that positive changes can follow. To add to this, I have more than 30 years of professional experience from which you can profit. My own leadership experience and the experience gained from the close cooperation with board members and managers in companies and organizations are part of our cooperation. I have already worked in the following business areas: renewable energies, travel management, tourism, private equity, business consulting, construction industry, IT solutions, politics and foreign trade (extract).  I am a Berliner by birth and at heart. Currently I live in Hamburg, with a great affinity for South Africa. I love to spend my free time in nature with my horse Nordfee and my inspiring man of life.

Make an appointment.

Let’s meet and discuss your opportunities.

I am based in Hamburg. However, I am happy to travel to where entrepreneurs are open and interested in resolving conflicts sustainably, and facing people. If this is you, and you need support, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you and help you to solve and grow.

Please send your request to hello [at] conflict-manager.de